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Benefits Of Artificial Intelligence In The Helpdesk


AI-driven tools are up for not just helping chatbots, but also for providing the ability to predict analytics that can be used for incident management, demand-planning and demand planning. The IT self-service desk is not something new. However in the "new normal" time, its use is becoming more sophisticated since chatbots from IT help desks and intelligent search recommendations guide users to the appropriate solutions or services.

In reality, experts believe that AI is likely to be an essential element of the help desk support in the near future. The main advantage of using AI to help desk and IT support is that it can remove the manual overhead that is required for the low-level service desk tasks. Hence, it allows employees to invest their time and energy on more important tasks.

How AI Helpdesk is helping today?

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots

One area in which AI capabilities are utilized at their optimum level is providing an automated chatbot experience for users at all times. This means that there's always someone willing to help you. IT support specialists are willing to use chatbots for simple queries and requests. Chatbot capabilities are extended to also perform tasks such as reset passwords, install software, modifications to restore IT services, etc. Check out the infographic below to know more about the benefits of chatbots for your remote employees. At Aisera there is IT Support AI.

Incident management and escalated requests

AI plays a crucial part in automating categorization and setting priority. It also helps in routing incidents as well as service tickets. Some fields in the ticket can be automated filled out using predictive analytics. AI tools can also be utilized to prioritize incidents and classify data into groups. However, this does not mean that human labor is eliminated. Employees can veto these suggestions, but AI assistance can help them perform faster and also saves time implementing obvious actions.

Information collecting

An interesting capability of help desks using artificial intelligence products is knowledge management. They apply an intelligent search feature that is not limited to specific keywords , but also recognizes the context and meaning. AI-powered service desk suggests solutions based on what has been unsuccessful or not worked with users who have used it before. Aisera.com is the most reliable place to find future of IT support.

There are even intelligent auto-responders which respond to emails by users using the most appropriate solutions. These tools are also able to find loopholes in the information database.

AI-driven knowledge curation can not only help users but also IT personnel too. These tools allow you to analyze past and current incidents, issues, modifications errors, etc. These tools allow you to analyse them and develop the ideal solution for your IT service desk personnel.

Next-generation AI capabilities will include the ability to integrate social and process analysis to the system's core. Additionally, customizable dashboards will allow IT support agents to gain information regarding the current situation. AI tools can also detect issues and offer automated solutions for security alerts, network alerts and other notifications. AI will be able to focus on tasks with low importance and will increase the volume of these tasks in the near future. They are currently managed by hand and incur high costs. It will also offer insights into large data sets that assist in better decision-making.

In the coming years of IT support, businesses are seeking new ways to automatize and provide an active management of their work environment. Smaller businesses, particularly, will be the first to make use of artificial intelligence tools to automate or enhance support processes.

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