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RatIRL: Just What You Need To Understand About L9

League of Legends

L9 is a name almost everyone has heard in League of Legends. However, not everyone knows the history behind it. L9 or Low nine is a reference to the Troll EUW group that came into existence by the actions of 0bsess and RatIRL. In addition, there are four members in this group. They are all very good ELO players, who are now playing in big streamers and professional leagues.

Some members were even exceptional in solo queue, and they established a name for themselves within the LOL community. This article will provide more details about the L9, its members as well as The Story of RatIRL.

L9 members are defined by their toxicity and the sheer amount of talent

League of Legends, a extremely popular and competitive game which brings players of different backgrounds, is very popular. It wouldn't be too surprising to find some players with a bad attitude that look down upon the other players. This is something everyone has had at some point in his or their life. However certain players are able to inspire others with their skills and top-class gameplay. There are a handful of players who fit the L9 members' personalities. They're both competent and unfriendly at the same.

Two of the members of L9 at the beginning, 0bsess, and RatIRL became a major hit within the LOL community once people learned that RatIRL was a professional player. The community was enthused by this in many ways and allowed players to keep using L9 to boost their egos. The community shows its loyalty through using Low9 or L9 on their gaming tags, even today.

It started out as a joke, and people started to troll them. They soon became part of the group or hired them for LoL to boost their popularity. When it was full of members, L9 would shift between clans. A few players would pay to be part of their team. There is no doubt that what began as a viral phenomenon left a lasting impression on the Legends league's history books.

While there are many more L9 members than listed below, below are a few players who make the most noise in either way.


The snarky and disrespectful nature of his behavior was the way he defined himself for what he was in his past. However, he has now refined himself with a great attitude and has since been a part of with a couple of teams. In the present the player is part of mousesports, and is doing quite well.


The story of RatIRL is the brains behind the development of the legacy known as L9. Although it started with him and the 0bsess duo waiting for a slot the number of people queuing up rapidly increased. Before becoming famous on Twitch, RatIRL was known as one of the top players LOL increasing.

RatIRL was able to boost accounts so fast that many suspected him of hacking. This was not a deliberate compliment , as any LOL player will inform you. RatIRL wasn't a hacker but he was banned multiple times.


The person who was not famous however he wasn't the most popular L9 member because he rarely streamed. He was either drunk or play in a relaxed and boring manner.

Ap0calypse is best known for his RatIRL duo member. But, he also made a name for itself as the top Mordekaiser player worldwide. If you consider his high ranking there is a possibility that Ap0calypse boosted his stats for L9 and L9 as well.

The Current State of L9

Each story comes to an end, as did the L9 and it's probably the best possible outcome. Some rumors indicate that the players do not even talk to each other anymore. The best of friends, RatIRL and 0bsess seem to have fallen out considering they did not form a join a duo queue for the past for a long period of. Selfmademan took a more definite line to his strategy, which makes perfect sense.

The L9 members, despite their personal identities, have provide a model of the positive impact that can be made for everyone. They are the League competitive scene and the streaming platform. They are a model for other players in some way. It also shows how the League of Legends community managed to reform itself in recent times.

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