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The Reason Why You Must Apply Conversational AI


Conversational AI is exactly what it is referred to as - technology that can have an exchange with its user. This tech is configured to recognize human speech and text, understand meaning, and then respond in a way that imitates human conversation. These advanced technologies include Automatic Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Advanced Dialogue Management. Conversational AI analyses human speech and processing to mimic speech and give users the impression of conversing with someone else.

Conversational AI also studies speech fluctuation to make the technology less monotonous and more human. Studies have shown that speech fluctuation is one of the simplest methods that people express emotion and convey meaning through their speech. This is precisely the kind of language that developers conversational ai want to emulate. If technology communicates emotion and significance users feel more at ease talking to it.

Advantages of AI chatbot

Are you thinking about the addition of an AI-powered device in your business? Here are five of the biggest advantages of using conversational AI -


Conversational AI offers the biggest benefit of providing higher accuracy. Conversational AI also provides information accuracy. Instead of relying on staff to remember long menus, extensive allergen lists and nutritional information, conversational AI can efficiently store and access this information. Conversational AI is able to input promotions and specials without requiring employees to remember menu items that rotate. Customers can express their worries or dietary needs to the conversational AI. Instead of having to go through a binder full of menu items, employees will be able to quickly respond to customers.


AI technology cuts down on the time needed to prepare food as orders are delivered directly to the kitchen from the point of sale. AI POS systems can even integrate conversational AI chatbot technology into mobile and phone ordering systems. Much like conversational ordering kiosks, conversational AI POS systems provide higher accuracy and efficiency in time. This technology is also used on the web and social media platforms. The AI POS technology takes online orders and delivers directly to the kitchen. It doesn't take time or allow for human errors.

POS systems that utilize conversational AI to ease stress and burdens, specifically in a labour market squeezed to the limit during the epidemic. By cutting down on human labor needed, employees spend less time on repetitive tasks or customer interactions and more on individually-tailored customer satisfaction. These efficiency gains mean employees feel more appreciated and customers are more satisfied (and more likely to come back! These are the results.

Contactless Consumer Experience

The COVID-19 epidemic has had a profound impact on the labour market. Customers want a contactless ordering experience to ensure their security. With restaurant workers interacting with hundreds of customers per day and their health also at risk with the traditional model of face-to face service.

Conversational AI can help to create physical separation between customers and employees, which means greater safety for all. Kiosks and POS tablets that leverage conversations with AI technology also come with easy-to-clean surfaces, which further limit the spread of germs , and ensure that everyone is well and healthy. This technology guarantees that secure conversations that are socially distant don't require any less personalized and welcoming.

Better Customer Experience

Conversational AI and self-ordering kiosks can also track and save feedback from customers and their satisfaction, providing real-life analytics about the way your menu products are performing and the way your restaurant is perceived. We can tell that consumers are excited about conversations with AI due to the results of AI Multiple's study conversational AI chatbot.

Fully integrated conversational AIPOS systems with AI will address this excitement more extensively than chatbots. They fill the need for fast and friendly service in the restaurant industry as well as providing information that could be used to improve customer service.

Reduced Operating Costs

With all the features artificial intelligence can offer at just the initial fixed price of the software Operating costs can be slashed. Ordering, stock tracking and feedback analytics can all be managed through conversational AI technology. Conversational AI technology is able to complete these tasks with no additional cost, instead of hiring multiple employees. This saves time and money. This technology lets you reduce labor costs as well as pay support staff fair wages, and avoid having to manage large staff.

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